Do you find yourself literally counting down the seconds to the end of your workout or can hardly bear the thought of stepping on the treadmill, it’s time to switch up your routine. Keep your workouts from getting stale by switching it up and trying new things.



Venture into a Zumba class for a total change of pace, or just try tweaking your usual activity, try out some new equipment or different techniques. Experimenting with different types of activity can help freshen up your workout routine and give you that little extra boost to jump to your workout!


Don’t get me wrong, some days all I want to do is put my feet up and eat toast on the sofa- and I do! Stop feeling guilty about taking days off, balance is so important, enjoy rest days and you’ll have so much more to give on your workout days.

I’m a big fan of variation, my typical week depending on what I can fit in includes a spin class, reformer Pilates, a body pump class and a heavy weight session in the gym. Every session is totally different, I don’t get bored, I avoid overuse injuries and every week I see my endurance improve.

I know its easy to go in to the gym and do the same old familiar exercises. I also know that sometimes its a little scary to try something new, to use a new piece of equipment with no clue about how to use it. Don’t be scared to ask someone, that’s what gym staff are there for, everyone has to start somewhere!


I love to try new things and experiment with exercises to keep them fresh and enjoyable. Check out my Tyre video for a full body HIIT session, if you don’t have a giant tyre you can just use a step! 40 seconds each exercise – toe taps, jump up, jump over, tricep dips, press ups, split squats, flips (only if you have a tyre)!


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